Navigate through the cards, playing with the turn-it-over button and the next button. Get a sense of the whole set. See what strikes you. There is a larger print message on each card and elaboration and detail in smaller print. Do you notice that you favor one side more than the other? You may be more familiar with one side. You may have developed one side more and the other less. The culture may favor one side more than the other.
Are you relatively even or unneven in your appreciation of both sides? In your skill level? In your tendency to act in one direction or the other.

AN EXPERIMENT: When you have found a card where you prefer one side more than the other....FLIP A COIN. Heads, you lean into the preferred side. Tails, you lean into the less preferred side.

Use the cards to provide a fresh perspective on a question or issue. If you are caught in a dilemma...if you feel you need to make a decision and would like additional input....

Go through the cards and without much thought, land on a card face and focus on its message. Apply its message to your dilemma.